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As experts in HubSpot, and in your line of business; we properly configure HubSpot to work for your team.

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While HubSpot requires far less training than other systems, this is a key element to your long term success.
  • What is your license - cost structure?

    We work with HubSpot to make sure that you get the correct license configuration to fit your business model. HubSpot has 4 Hubs (CRM, Service, Marketing and CMS). Each Hub has 4 "levels". The idea is to purchase the Hubs that fit your business and budget.

  • Is the system customized for our needs?

    We add our economic development "code" on top of the standard version of HubSpot. And then, we further tailor the system to meet your needs. Most importantly, your team is able to further configure the system on your own without having a programmer involved. Other systems can't do this. So if you've ever been waiting for software developers to help... you won't have that issue with HubSpot.

  • What levels of support are available?

    Unlike other systems, you will get online chat and email support directly from HubSpot (they typically call you back in under 5 minutes). Our team is also available to assist as well. And, with a HubSpot Professional license, you get direct phone support. HubSpot is a large, publicly traded company that wins awards for customer service. HubSpot support is amazing.

  • Where is the software hosted and how are upgrades delivered?

    HubSpot is not code that lives on a server in some unknown datacenter (that's old school). HubSpot has 100,000+ companies using the system and it's hosted on Amazon AWS. Where the big companies host large, mission critical applications. Example - monthly release of new features from HubSpot (Feb 2021)

  • How is data imported - is this included?

    Data import is a breeze with HubSpot. Yes, this is included in our software implementation services agreement. And you can import data on your own from excel. It's super easy to do.

  • What are the Key Differences with other systems?

    Other systems don't include marketing tools - we do. The system is able to be configured easily by your team over time - your business changes and your software must easily adapt to change. The system is typically rated as being the easiest to learn and use. The system is instantly updated without having to ask your team to log off while updates and bug fixes occur - this is done seamlessly. The number of apps that integrate with HubSpot is large and always growing. And our system deeply understands your business - book a demo to see how well this system resonates with you.

  • Can we get a Free Trial?

    Yes. First we provide a demonstration and then, if you want a trial, we require that you go through a FREE, 30 minute online training session. After that, you'll be able to easily navigate the system. Yes, it's that easy to learn. Others are unlikely to give you a trial because their systems are difficult to learn and navigate.

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