Chamber of Commerce CRM built with HubSpot

Have you outgrown your current system? Does your software fail to fit your Chamber business model? Do you have too many disconnected systems?
The Easiest and Most Comprehensive System for Chamber's of Commerce.
Built using HubSpot - an award winning, wildly popular software platform.


More Sales, Deeper Relationships

Companies, Contacts, Investors, Members, Volunteers, Media Contacts, Projects and more..


 Leads and Magnetism

Events, Surveys, Social, email Marketing, Web Site Landing Pages, Online chat, Marketing Automation, Member Retention

Member Services

Member Services - Surveys+

BRE, Disaster Recovery, Workforce Development, Talent Attraction, Track “assists”, and much more.

CEO - Chamber President 

  • Keep your fingers on the pulse of the organization as you drive results.
  • Know where you stand with your key metrics.
  • Get real time dashboards from 1 system - trust the data and the intelligence

New Member Sales

  • Generate and score inbound leads.
  • Follow up and never miss a beat.
  • Follow an easy sales cycle. Document upsell opportunities.
  • With HubSpot you’re positioned to respond with the right message at the right time - the demonstration reveals how this is done.
  • Sell better virtually
  • Sell efficiently - sell more and earn more.
  • Get Referrals systematically.

Member Retention 

  • Track and score member engagement.
  • Stimulate member engagement - help people get the most value.
  • Automatically ramp up retention and communications before renewal.
  • Easily identify upsell opportunities.
  • Share results - leads and referrals generated for the member.
  • Systematically manage Onboarding 
  • Incentives and Project compliance.
  • Build stronger relationships - develop Chamber Champions.
  • Streamline and improve billing - make it easy!

Master Marketing 

  • Social ads to generate leads
  • Audience building
  • Creative campaigns
  • Drip campaigns - lead nurture
  • Creative content
  • Web design 
  • Membership directory 
  • Drive leads, engagement, promote your organization and good works with the marketing suite
  • Show ROI on marketing dollars spent.
  • We train you to use the HubSpot tools to your advantage.
  • Lead Scoring - Investor Scoring.
  • Marketing Automation.
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Investor-Member Relations

  • Attract and retain investors.
  • Manage investor - membership levels.
  • Generate invoices.
  • Manage renewals.
  • QuickBooks online interface.
    • *Other accounting system interfaces available
  • Track investor participation - score investor-member engagement.
  • Identify investor motivations.
  • Market to investors throughout the year.
  • Manage the Investor-Member sales process.

Talent Attraction - Workforce & Economic Development - Leadership - Incubators & Accelerators - Events - Volunteers - Action Committees - Tourism - and more.



  • Real-time dashboards and reports.
  • Quickly find info stored in the HubSpot system. 
  • Add your research to projects - your research is often instrumental in getting to win.

 An Easy and Effective system for a Chambers of Commerce & Membership Based Organizations

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