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Built on modern, award winning software platforms used by over 100,000 companies globally.

We'll give your team an Unfair Competitive Advantage.


Improve your Business Relationships 
Companies, Contacts, Investors, Allies, Site Selectors, Brokers, Projects, Incentives, Properties.


HubSpot works with your website to Generate Leads.
Events, Surveys, Social, email Marketing, Web Site Landing Pages, Online chat, and more.

Service - Assists

Track time and results supporting local business.
BRE, Disaster Recovery, Workforce Development, Talent Attraction, and “assists”.

 "We like having an unfair competitive advantage over other EDO's - please don't sell this to our competitors"

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BRE - Our Modern Approach Generates Results + Data for Reports

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Project Compliance / Project Performance Tracker

Recruit Target Accounts

Inbound Lead strategies and outbound, proactive project hunting.

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Real-time Project Reports and The Tools To Help You Win Projects.

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Outlook + G-Mail

Minimize data entry - we auto add market intel to each record.

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Investors Attraction & Retention

Attract and Build Stronger Relationships with Investors.

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Our Starter Software $50/month

Marketing-CRM-Tickets for BRE/Support.

Pricing Variables:

  • data import
  • # of marketing emails/month
  • # of users
  • advanced features

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Inbound Leads

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Minimal Data Entry 

Magic Alerts Reveal Valuable Contact Insights.

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Proposals and Invoices

Easy integration with Quick Books Online

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If an economic development team has done it, we’ve built it in HubSpot. And if we haven’t built it yet… we will build it for you.

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