Economic Development CRM

The Easiest and Most Comprehensive System for EDO's on the Market Today.

Built using HubSpot - an award winning, software platform used by over 100,000 companies globally.

We'll give your team an Unfair Competitive Advantage.


Improve your Business Relationships 
Companies, Contacts, Investors, Allies, Site Selectors, Brokers, Projects, Incentives, Properties.


HubSpot works with your website to Generate Leads.
Events, Surveys, Social, email Marketing, Web Site Landing Pages, Online chat, and more.

Service - Assists

Track time and results supporting local business.
BRE, Disaster Recovery, Workforce Development, Talent Attraction, and “assists”.

CEO - President - Executive Director

  • Keep your fingers on the pulse of the organization as you drive results.
  • Know where you stand with Projects, Incentives, Investors, Marketing Efforts, and more.
  • Manage and Report on EDO project status, impact and results.
  • Follow best practices to ensure desired outcomes and improve your chances of success.
  • Out-Market and Out-Sell your competition.
  • Leave a legacy.

 "We like having an unfair competitive advantage over other EDO's - please don't sell this to our competitors" - Executive Director that wishes to remain anonymous

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Business Attraction

  • Generate inbound leads.
  • Follow up and never miss a beat.
  • Target specific accounts - only a handful of EDO’s know how to do this and even fewer execute on this strategy.
  • With HubSpot you’re positioned to respond with the right message at the right time - the demonstration reveals how this is done.
  • Attract and win desired projects.
  • Handle RFP’s with ease and insight - intelligence tools that other CRM systems can’t even comprehend.
  • Manage attraction projects to win.
  • Out-Sell your competitors - beat the best (ask about deskrig)

A Modern Business Retention & Expansion System

  • The best BRE on the market - our clients tell us that we’ve built a better system than leading “BRE Experts" claim to offer.
  • Year over year BRE reporting by company, industry, etc.
  • BRE campaigns require marketing tools - we’ve got ‘em - others don't.
  • Easily identify retention and expansion opportunities.
  • Workforce development.
  • Talent attraction.
  • Systematically manage the Onboarding of companies after a new project is announced.
  • Incentives and Project compliance.
  • Build stronger relationships.
  • Follow BRE best practices.

Master Marketing 

  • We also offer marketing services - outsource some of all of your marketing efforts to our team of pro’s
    • Social ads to generate leads
    • Audience building
    • Creative campaigns
    • Drip campaigns - lead nurture
    • Creative content
    • Web design (boutique sites and we have an EDO WordPress template)
    • Membership directory (2 options)
    • Marketing Strategy - we’ll even bring in an economic development marketing strategist to shape strategy (CEcD)
  • Drive leads, engagement, promote your organization and good works with the marketing suite
  • Show ROI on marketing dollars spent.
  • We train you to use the HubSpot tools to your advantage.
  • Lead Scoring - Investor Scoring.
  • Marketing Automation.
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Investor-Member Relations

  • Attract and retain investors.
  • Manage investor - membership levels.
  • Generate invoices.
  • Manage renewals.
  • QuickBooks online interface.
    • *Other accounting system interfaces available
  • Track investor participation - score investor-member engagement.
  • Identify investor motivations.
  • Market to investors throughout the year.
  • Manage the Investor-Member sales process.

Research - RFI's

  • Real-time dashboards and reports.
  • Quickly find info stored in the HubSpot system. 
  • Add your research to projects - your research is often instrumental in getting to win.
  • If you manage incentives - we’ve got tool for you.
  • Import and export data to other systems.
  • Interfaces to PowerBI, Zapier, more.


  • Track Properties to a Project Record
    • link to GIS systems like Zoom Prospector, LOIS, GIS Webtech, etc.
    • New - MLS feed syncs commercial properties and auto-generates website pages for each property 
  • Do you contract with other firms to generate revenue - new project management with billable time tracking, invoicing, Gannt charts and more.
  • Microsoft TEAMS integration.
  • Website and marketing strategy services - web design - economic development consulting with our key economic development partners.
  • Text messaging - instant opens at a higher open rate. 
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Event registration and integrations to popular apps
  • Account based marketing tools
  • Lead Scoring - Deal Scoring.

If an economic development team has done it, we’ve built it in HubSpot. And if we haven’t built it yet… we will build it for you.

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