A Modern BRE Annual Visit Strategy for 2021

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Too many economic development organizations have been coached and programmed to chase data in order to generate reports, graphs and charts. While the data looks great to the board, you can do better. Here is an improved philosophy and actionable strategy to make the most of your annual visits. Key Points Many of your local businesses need your help now … Read More

Why this LinkedIn Profile Works…

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#1 Excellent photography – this shot of Durham NC makes you want to explore the city. Note the ballpark. Can you see yourself attending a game there? #2 A professional profile photo (with smile). #3 Credible… Not only is the About Section complete – it’s worth reading! #4 Followers – this tells you something right there… Action Steps Review your … Read More

BRE Surveys and Your BRE Program.

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The data that your team collects from your local companies via 1:1 meetings or via surveys should be designed to help you to identify trends, opportunities, and risks for each company. That sounds selfish because it is. So let’s modify that a bit. The true focus of your BRE meeting is quite simple and it’s not selfish at all. Be … Read More

We love HubSpot but.. the state (or regional group) wants us to use salesforce…

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If your team is being “forced into using salesforce” here’s how and why that happens and what to do about it. Larger organizations can afford salesforce and often have a salesforce administrator as a full-time employee. They want your data. And it makes sense, they want your data for their state or regional reporting. If you’re being asked to update … Read More

Increase the Number and Quality of your BRE meetings.

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Feb 18, 2021, Tom Wengler, Founder and Managing Partner, Convergence – Get Clear on the Why of your BRE Meeting. To help a company grow or expand, you’ll need to get to know the business and a conversation is your starting point. Seek first to understand and look for opportunities to help along the way. Help is the key word … Read More

How much does a CRM system cost?

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How much does an Economic Development CRM cost? Updated: Sep 24, 2020 With a CRM system, the main factors that affect your price are: Number (and type) of software licenses. Some systems give you unlimited licenses – typically these are systems from small companies with limited capabilities. Companies like Microsoft, Salesforce, Zoho, Oracle, and HubSpot will have a per license price. … Read More