Marketing and CRM Software Selection - Guide to Succes

Are you seeking out a system that understands how you work?  We support with organizations operating in the Economic Development Ecosystem
Check out our tips on how to best organize your software search.


Know what’s possible and decide what tools you want to use… 
  • Have each person or department leader define what they want the new system to do. Each person should have input.
  • Understand and articulate what the problems are with your current software. Document and share this with us.
  • Use this form to see what’s possible. You will know, in 2 minutes, what a system can do from a 20,000 foot view. This is an important step! Think of this as your checklist to determine the tools that you’d like to use and learn about.
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3 Ways to Get Started...
  • Start with a quick, 5-10 minute call. Ask a few questions and get answers. 
  • Get a free trial or attend a public workshop / demonstration.
  • Schedule a software demonstration for you and your team.  
When you are ready for pricing...
  • This link shows you an easy way to understand what’s possible and identify what you want a system like ours to do. Start here...
  • Data migration - go ahead and export your data now. Contact us and we will send you the excel files to work with.
  • Send us your Strategic Plan- Marketing Plan. If you don’t have one yet and want help with this plan, we work with leading EDO consulting firms and will put you in touch. Our tools are designed to help you execute your plan.
  • Send us your KPI’s and Reports. Send us your annual plan with notes on what you’d like to include in the report in addition to what’s already there.
    • We will read what you send us as helps us to understand how to serve you better.
  • RFP / RFI - send what you have or use our RFP Template to help you quickly and easily create your RFP.
  • Data we need:
    • Direct employees
    • External users
    • Do you use Office or G-Suite?
    • Number of contacts in the database.
    • Link to your website(s)
    • Timeline to go live
    • Number of employees and people using HubSpot

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