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Software Packages and Pricing

  • HubSpot Starter Pricing

    Starting at $45/month.

    Great for smaller teams that need a solid solution. It's amazing to see what our clients have accomplished with these tools.

    The easiest and most complete solution available on the market at this price point.

    Optimized for your business model. This is HubSpot + The Convergence Accelerator which is only available through us.

    MARKETING: forms, email marketing, landing pages, online chat, marketing lists.

    CRM: 2 pipelines to track Deals (Sales, Projects, Investors, Members, etc.)  companies, contacts, auto-population of company data.

    TICKETS: 2 pipelines to track customer support, annual meetings.

    CMS: build a new website with up to 15 pages. Supplement with HubSpot landing pages provided in the Marketing Starter licenses.

    OPS HUB: sync data with existing connections to g-mail, outlook.


    Starts at $4,500

  • HubSpot Professional Pricing

    Starting at $450/month.

    Choose the more advanced modules that provide custom reporting, additional dashboards, and unlimited, live phone support from HubSpot.

    This is HubSpot + The Convergence Accelerator - only available from our company.

    Best for clients with 4+ employees or for clients that have a lot of business complexity / things to manage.

    MARKETING: Social Media, Marketing Automation, and more.

    CRM: 15 pipelines to manage a diverse range of Deals, workflows, automated outreach with Sequences and more.

    TICKETS: 15 pipelines to track a diverse range of services provided, workflows and more.

    CMS: a more powerful CMS tool with advanced functionality for a stronger, more powerful website.

    OPS HUB: more powerful engine to sync your data across applications.


    Starts at $7,500

40% Discount for Qualified 501c3's 

Additional discounts available 

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