We love HubSpot but.. the state (or regional group) wants us to use salesforce…

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If your team is being “forced into using salesforce” here’s how and why that happens and what to do about it.

Larger organizations can afford salesforce and often have a salesforce administrator as a full-time employee. They want your data. And it makes sense, they want your data for their state or regional reporting.

If you’re being asked to update a project portal, well, it’s best to play along. Now these Other Organizations don’t care about all of your data – they only want certain info (larger attraction projects or BRE data from larger organizations).

But…what about the rest of your local work? You know, the little stuff that the state doesn’t care about?

We believe…

  1. You need to be able to run your business your way. And your little things to them are meaningful and important to you.
  2. You’ll want to capture BRE data and Project data that is meaningful to you in addition to what they want. If the state or regional group has data they want you to capture – no worries – your team or ours can add these fields and data points in minutes. So, every time the state shifts gears, you can keep up without having to pay a salesforce consultant to do this for you.
  3. HubSpot is easier to use and less expensive than salesforce and you get a marketing toolset to boot. So, you can run your own marketing campaigns and manage all of your activities, contracts, grants, loans, expansion projects, etc.
  4. If you are relying on another organization’s system… we honestly don’t understand how you can be effective without a proper Marketing + CRM solution that is designed to help you win.

HubSpot will allow you to “mirror” other organization’s field structures so that you can export “your data, in their language so they can import this into salesforce.

HubSpot also has a salesforce sync built-in. If the “other organization” really wants your data, they will allow you to set up the sync or at least allow you to send them your data.


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