Workforce Development CRM

The Easiest and Most Comprehensive System for EDO's on the Market Today.


Create Profiles for your Educators, Trainers, and Companies. Understand what companies are looking for and who can provide the training and talent.


Generate Leads - Set Appointments. Events, Surveys, Social, email Marketing, Web Site Landing Pages, Online chat, Marketing Automation. Promote your work.

Service - Assists

Track all assistance provided to companies, educators, and alliances. Track and report on the results you generate in your community. Instantly report on success in real-time.


  • Keep your fingers on the pulse of the organization as you drive results.
  • Know where you stand with your key initiatives.
  • Manage and Report on project status, impact and results. 
  • Measure ROI from your efforts.
  • Be the connector.

HubSpot - Execute to Win.

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Build Deeper Business Relationships

  • Generate inbound leads - get meetings with your educators and companies with talent needs.
  • Follow up and never miss a beat with your key contacts. 
  • Track opportunities and make connections.
  • With HubSpot you’re positioned to respond with the right message at the right time - the demonstration reveals how this is done.

Workforce Development Plays a Huge Role in Business Retention & Expansion

  • The best Workforce Development Based BRE on the market - our clients tell us that we’ve built a better system than leading “Experts" claim to offer.
  • Year over year reporting by company, industry, etc. Track workforce trends and forecast talent needs.
  • BRE campaigns require marketing tools - we’ve got ‘em - others don't.

Master Marketing

  • Social ads to generate leads
  • Audience building
  • Creative campaigns
  • Drip campaigns - lead nurture
  • Creative content
  • Web design 
  • Membership directory 
  • Drive leads, engagement, promote your organization and good works with the marketing suite
  • Show ROI on marketing dollars spent.
  • We train you to use the HubSpot tools to your advantage.
  • Lead Scoring - Investor Scoring.
  • Marketing Automation.
  • Marketing Strategy - we’ll even bring in an economic development marketing strategist to shape strategy (CEcD)

Research and Reporting - Share this Data.

  • Real-time dashboards and reports.
  • Quickly find info stored in the HubSpot system. 
  • Add your research to projects - your research is often instrumental in getting to win.
  • Import and export data to other systems.

HubSpot will help you connect the dots in your community for workforce development.

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